The right way to Backup your Samsung Galaxy S4/S5

Will do backup all of the contents from your Samsung Galaxy S4/S5 to Computer for panic that you could possibly lose them out of carelessness? Well, it is a good thing to take safeguards before hand. But, doing Galaxy backup and restore is not a simple way . You need a more qualified third-party software to help you.

When you are Windows user, we suggest you to try Wondershare MobileTrans, which stands out due to its superb performance. By using this program, you are able to backup Text messages, songs, photos, movies, contacts, apps, call logs on your Samsung Galaxy to the pc effectively . Through this software, you are able to switch those contents from your old mobile to the new one directly.


Download Mobiletrans Windows here

For Mac users, we recommend MobileGo for Android (Mac), it’s a good Android Manager for Mac, it is easy to backup and restore contents using it quickly.

Download MobileGo for Mac here


And the follow the quick tutorial to find out how to backup and restore your Galaxy S4/S5 (for Windows users).


Initially, connect the cellphone to pc using usb cable.


1. Backup contents from Galaxy to computer

Go to the backup mode by hitting “Back up Your Phone” key in the main page. It is easy to backup the data to your computer, such as contacts, text messages, call logs, video, audio, photos, , and so on. Pick the items that you want to backup and just click “Start Copy” key.


2. Restore from computer to Samsung Galaxy

Move to the the restore mode by clicking on “Restore from Backups” in homepage. Choose a backup file format in the drop down listing. As you locate the preserved backup file you want to restore to your mobile, click on “Start Copy” to send the contents from the backup data to Galaxy. It is not only suitable for backups created through Mobiletrans, but also suitable for backups created through other programs, such as iTunes and BlackBerry Desktop Suite.



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Wondershare Android Data Recovery Review

Wondershare data recovery software can actually help you out of many troublesome data lost cases right away. Do you still meet such a problem that when you turned on your PC and found that a virus had washed out all data on your hard drive?

Maybe you’ve still deleted an email beyond your trash bin; however you found that you badly needed the information for the task? All of these are extremely real problems and Top data recovery software is a regularly real solution for every one of them. By using best data recovery software, you can able to recover files that are squashed and even encrypted. You can carry out data recovery on erasing emails, recover files from your hard drives situated within a network or create picture files on your hard drive for any easier data recovery. Through the latest invention of Wondershare data recovery software you can moreover recover files that have been previously deleted from your device’s recycle bin, files that have turned out to be damaged or files that are stored up on a CD, hard drive, or DVD that has mainly developed bad sectors.

Today’s Wondershare data recovery software normally supports multiple kinds of hard drives and detachable media, including CDs, USB drives and so on. But the generally concerned issue is that quality data recovery software todays should be easy-to-use. Honestly, today’s software is so responsive to users. Presently there are lots of top quality software available in market.

Wondershare data recovery software can help you following conditions:

(1) Hard Drives that have been completely formatted.

(2) Missing or Corrupt critical file system structures.

(3) File loss without reason.

(4)Accidental file deletion.

(5) Computer viruses and corruption or worm’s infection.

(6) Sudden system shutdown or application breakdown.

(7) Partition structures are deleted or damaged.

(8) Boot-up problems.

(9) Damage because of the power failure or rush.

(10)A variety of kinds of file System corruption and numerous more

Try the best to recover deleted files from Android phone/tablet

I saw many smartphone users asking question like this:

I wiped some thing important from my Android phone/tablet, and I do not take a backup! What can I do? Help

If you have ever deleted a photo, text message or contact by wrong doing or had your smartphone go haywire and wipe every thing inside your gallery, then you definitely understand that specific number of ”bottomless pit inside your guts” feeling. By no means worry, we’ll show you simply how simple it’s to get back lost pictures on Android, whether or not you’ve a Nexus five, Galaxy S5 or Droid X. There is only 1 thing to keep in mind: act quickly.

With regards to data recovery, the very first thing to keep in mind is the fact that you will find no promises. Data that is gone might extremely nicely be gone for great, particularly when the device has been utilized because the file or files had been erased and new information has overwritten it.

Nevertheless, absolutely nothing ventured, absolutely nothing gained (or lost).

The tool I have been pointing iPhone, iPad, and Android users to is Wondershare DATA RECOVERY. It comes in free trial and pro versions accessible for each iOS and Android.

The iOS version supports to straight get back deleted or lost SMS, contacts, photos, videos, WhatsApp history, documents and so on from iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and iTunes backup. The Android version supports to get back information from Android phone/tablet like Samsung, LG, HTC and so on.


Each versions are fairly simple to make use of, and I’ve heard back from individuals who’ve utilized them to get back information.

For me personally, I’d a lot rather have a backup regime that I can fall back on, but failing that this software could provide you a fighting opportunity.

Best of luck!